Monday, October 25, 2010


lol FINALLY I've gotten something up here!! VICTORY!!
See, though I've been drawing tons, my computer (that I do ALL my art on) is being EVIL!!!! SUPER EVIL!! LIKE STOMP ON YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE AND EAT YOUR KITTEN, EVIL!! ...........Okay, maybe not THAT evil! lol But it is FREAKISHLY AGGRAVATING!!
You see, I'll be in the mood to color something so I'll scan one of my "random pictures" into the computer. And about half way through coloring (Approximately an hour into it.) THE WHOLE FREAKING COMPUTER SHUTS DOWN!!! .....ARRGGG! All that work GONE! Disappeared, wasted!! And the worst thing about it is that when it shuts down on me like that I'm WAY to angry at it to try again!

But yes! I've WON!! I actually got something scanned!!! (True, I wanted to color it too. But I'll take this small victory! lol) It's just a random sketchy picture of one of my OC's, but at least it's SOMETHING!
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