Friday, September 17, 2010

Lions On the Loose?

Okay, so the other day my mom got a call from my grandmother (who lives next door) who gave the simple message of there being a "lion sighting" (yeah, you heard me right.) around our area. Um, yeah....not something you hear everyday.
 Okay, so you have to understand, that I live IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE surrounded by corn fields. Not near a Zoo or in Africa. So, a lion spotting...........crazy!

 But, the police where sent to check it out and no lions (that I know of) have been spotted. lol Lion spotting...Hahahahha the things life throws at us! XD

So yeah, I just thought I would share that real quick because it made me laugh! Hahahahaha...still funny!! :)

lol Now I'm in the mood to watch Secondhand Lions! Man, I love this movie!!
Have a good day people!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Me + boredom = Freaky Deeky Monsters.

My mind's a scary place...
Ugg, darn you sketchy thing!!! I must draw something good soon!! I mean, I've been drawing tons, but they all end up looking like this! (or worse...much worse.) It's becoming ridiculous.... :p

Well, I hope you've all had a good week!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Attire (a.k.a. My New Blog!!)

I've made a second Blog! Sunday Attire Yay!!

My plan: To post a picture of my Sunday church outfit each week!

Why?: Because it sounds like fun! lol Also I wear a lot of dorky clothes, so I'd like to keep track of what I've worn!

My belief is that you should wear what you want to wear (as long as it's appropriate) no matter what "pop culture" tells you is is "in style"! That's probably why I don't wear necessarily cool clothes, but I like them so who cares! :D

Well, wish me luck, and God Bless!!! :D

("Sunday Attire" will in NO WAY replace "Everything"! It's just something fun I plan to do on the side! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My improvement And Influence Map! (From 2003-2009)

Okay, so I've wanted to do one of these for awhile now, so a few days ago I decided to just DO IT!!
So, I carried my eight heavy art book/binder things (all of them filled to overflowing with pictures) down the stairs from my room to the computer room. Where I then proceeded to scan, crop and flip through my hundreds of old pictures! Yeah, it took awhile! But I'm FINALLY FINISHED!!!

lol I would have posted the actual Map on my blog, but blogger hates me! (And my large files! lol) Sooooooo if you want to check it out you'll have to see it on my DA account.
(Click the picture to go see my map!)

Oh, and this brings up a very interesting subject, that is SAVING YOUR ARTWORK!! Okay I would suggest to any young artist (or old artist, or semi old yet still pretty young artist.) out there to SAVE THEIR WORK!!!!
  Even if you think it sucks, SAVE IT!
  Even if it's not completely finished, SAVE IT!!
Trust me you'll be thankful you did! Because, at least for me, I have had so much fun flipping through my old (terrible) artworks! It's so fun! SO PLEASE SAVE YOUR ART!!! PLEASE!!!!

How I store my art is in HUGE three ring binders with TONS of page protectors in them! (lol I go through one or two a year depending on the size of the binder! :)
But seriously, SAVE YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT stress this enough!!!!!! PLEASE SAVE YOUR ART!!!!!
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